Basic Functionalities

The system is designed not only to improve your workflow but also to make it easier for your customers as they are the ones we all focus.

For you and your team. There are key functionalities needed for Diet Catering, such as front-end(website//eCommerce), kitchen management as well as delivery management. Create and edit your website without coding, easily create a menu with pricing rules and track your kitchen and delivery process with couple clicks.

For your customers. Allow customers to calculate and track their BMI/BMR/Weight and more. Customer will be able to easily design his own meal plan - from the type of diet, number of calories, allergies to selecting the days and places of delivery. Thanks to the integration with Paypal and Stripe Customer can pay instantly and expect his delivery without any delay.

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Create and manage your diet plans

Add a type of diet, meals, calories and more. Once done setup the prices and discounts - for example, you can give a discount for a number of days, meals or provide the customer with discount vouchers.

The system is evolving and new functionalities are coming every month

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Kitchen Management

Thanks to the Reports/To be Processed menu you can:

  • - display all the orders that have to be Processed

  • - use Odoo sorting Features

  • - see the notes from customers, related Sales Orders, scheduled date and more

  • - Assign Delivery Driver, change the status of an order, mark as cooked etc.

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Thanks to the Reports/To be Delivered menu you can:

  • - see the process of delivery

  • - display the list of customers and products for today's delivery

  • - let the driver change the order of the list

  • - mark delivered products

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Website Builder

Drag and drop building blocks and double click to change the default images. No need for coding or using additional software - just log in ad make your dream page.

You can still use designers and developers for help - code (both HTML and CSS) is easily accessible.