We built our system on the Odoo ERP - largest Open Source ERP system in the world. Thanks to this you can download and use a variety of apps and modules made by other companies and developers.

Community Apps with no extra fees Use Sales, Purchase and Inventory management as well as thousands of other applications free of charge. You can also customise, edit or even develop your own apps with us or your local developer.

Odoo Enterprise If you are already using Odoo Enterprise contact your Odoo Supplier in order to install our Diet Catering Management System

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Easily create and add products, boost the SEO, offer different payment methods in minutes.

Best of all - it integrated with other parts of the system.

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Professional and powerful CRM to manage your sales

Get your team more productive and organized.

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Sale Management

Manage all aspects of Sales - from Quotation to Sales Orders. You can allow customers to use digital signature and pay using PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer or more.

Open Source means you can easily add new functionalities.

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Purchase Management

Manage products/materials purchasing and send a request for quotation to your suppliers.

This module will save you time and money.

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Inventory Management

Organise your warehouses, incoming delivery and receptions.

Track your products, print reports and more

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Track your invoices, bills and payments as well as bank accounts.

Payments through acquire like PayPal are automatically saved so there is no need of manual entries.

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Contacts Management

Manage your contacts in one place. Thanks to the integration with other parts of the system you can track how much money a particular customer left in your company and many more.

You can also import and export your contacts in a couple of clicks.

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All your meetings and planning tasks in one place. You can also use the calendar to track your employee's holidays and to manage your fleet(additional apps may be needed).

You can integrate the Odoo Calendar with your Gmail Calendar for free.

There is more...


One Business - One App

Odoo have it all. It does not matter if you are a small company or already planning your franchise business we are here to help you.

Diet Catering Management Module comes with several necessary modules. However, you can cover other needs of your business using additional modules and apps.

Website & Front-end functionalities

Make your front-end quickly without the need of programming. We are happy to help you even when it comes to copy-writing and translations. However, with Odoo it is not always necessary. Especially when building a website is as easy as drag-and-drop. 

When you install our module the Website Builder and eCommerce will be installed automatically. You can decide to get a Blog, Forum or other modules later, when you are ready.

Make Sales easier

Some sales are managed from back-end. When you install our module the CRM and Sales modules will be installed automatically.
Planning to use POS or offer you customers subscriptions(for example training plans), let us know - we are ready when you are.

Handle payments or entire accounting

Invoicing module comes as standard - that gives you opportunity not always to issue invoices or log vendor bills but also to print reports and control your bank accounts.

With Odoo Enterprise you can go one step ahead - control the entire accounting in you company. This saves not only money on additional accounting tools but integrates accounting with other parts of your company.

Cut the time of operations

Save time on operations by using additional modules like timesheets, organise your projects with "Projects" app and move into paperless documents (Odoo Enterprise).



When it comes to manufacturing and quality control there are not many options in the market. Maybe you won't need it for Diet Catering business unless you go global and start franchising.


From recruitment to appraisals

Once you get used to Odoo as your diet management software you will love to control the Human Resources aspect from the same place.

It is safe, complies with GDPR and it is in cloud. 


Future starts now

Electronic signatures and designed communication channels for your customers and employees just few clicks away. 


Integrate your marketing

Save money on outsourcing the marketing and make it in-house. Improved SEO comes as standard with website builder. You can automate your marketing and create beautiful mass mailing campaigns in a matter of minutes. Organising or attending events - use events app. You can also send personalised surveys to your customers and business partners.


Build new apps by yourself - no coding needed

Odoo Enterprise gives an opportunity to opt for Odoo Studio - app that will save you 100's or 1000's of €. Thanks to Odoo Studio you can create new apps visually, without the necessity of paying the developer or learning how to code.


Home of thousands of apps

Tens of thousands of free and paid apps are available in the Odoo Apps Store. You can get them in seconds, install in your Odoo and even ask as or original developer to make some customisation.

Choice is yours. Apps in the Odoo app store are available for both Odoo Community as well as Odoo Enterprise.