JPCater System

JPCater is a system for Diet Catering Management aiming to empower your company with the technology that saves time, is quick & secure, easy to use and affordable. On our journey to create the system we used the knowledge and experience of our Partners that are actually running the catering business.

Mobile & Modern

Our Diet Catering System looks sleek and works great on the PC's, Laptops, Phones and Tablets.

Fully Integrated

System offers fully integrates modules for CRM, web-shop, kitchen & delivery.
When Customer orders a Diet it is automatically processed by the System so Sales Team knows the status of payments, kitchen knows when and what to cook and your delivery staff knows who they have to deliver the products to.
Worried about payments? Our System is fully integrated with PayPal, Stripe and you can also accept bank transfers or traditional cash-to-hand.


System comes to you configured so no IT knowledge is required. You can easily adjust the looks of the website and add products and diets.
You will be also provided with detailed user manual on how to use the system


Let the System grow with you. We offer everything that is needed for the Diet Catering in terms of the software.
System is open for additional features such as Fleet Management to cover all the aspect of your business.
Start smart with the basic functionalities and if you need new - We are happy to help. 

One System for all your needs

Odoo • Image and Text

Easy Website Edit

Thought Wordpress is the simplest way to manage your content?

Thanks to Odoo Framework you can use drag-and drop functionalities, add and edit text like in your favourite text document, add and customise images and widget.

The only limit is your imagination

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Built in Marketing Functionalities

Promote your website with ease and save on expensive SEO services. You will also have opportunity to create a newsletter or use mass mailing.

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Powerful CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a great tool to track the CUstomer Enquiries coming from different sources such as email, phone or even leaflets.
You will be able to compare your salespersons and sales channels and decide where to put more focus on.

CRM is fully integrated with other parts of the System so you don't need to copy and paste the customer detils to other places. This means it is safe and save your time and money.

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Diet Customisation

Allow the customer to choose from various diet types, add exclusions (like Glutenfree), choose calories and number of meals.

Don't let the software to limit your possibilities. With JPCater you can create different types of diets for various needs of your Customers.

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Kitchen & Delivery Management

To save time and money as well as reduce the number of mistakes we have created the automated Meal Preparation Planner for your chefs so they know how many meals and what types of meals they have to prepare today. WHen the meal is ready they can print a sticker and tag is as done in the system.

Last & very importan part of order is delivery. Delivery person will have a list of locations to deliver to with an opportunity to sort by post code or preferred time of delivery. After delivering the product they can tag the order as delivered for better order management.

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